Kirby South

Canadian Natural commenced steam injection at the Kirby South Phase 1 project in September 2013. Kirby South operations are located approximately 85 km northeast of Lac La Biche. This is the first project that we have undertaken in the Athabasca Oil Sands area and in the McMurray reservoir and uses Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) technology for the recovery of bitumen from the in situ oil sands resources.

The project includes a central processing facility for bitumen with a peak targeted production rate of 40,000 bbl/d of bitumen. The initial development includes 7 pads with 49 SAGD well pairs.

Kirby North

Canadian Natural began construction of Kirby North, shortly after receiving regulatory approval in May 2014. Kirby North operations located in the McMurray reservoir and will employ SAGD technology for the recovery of bitumen. In the first quarter of 2015, the Kirby North project was deferred due to the fall in commodity prices. Most of the major equipment was purchased and the Company’s technical teams work to identify opportunities to lower the cost structure of the project. In 2016, the Company worked through the Kirby North construction process and its targeted drilling plans in order to ensure cost savings identified could be captured. In late 2017, the Company reinitiated the Kirby North project with planned construction and well-pair drilling in 2018 and 2019. A result of top tier execution and strong productivity, the project is two quarters ahead of the sanctioned schedule, with overall cost performance remaining on budget. The commissioning of the central processing facility was also top tier and as a result began steaming on May 1, 2019 and targets to progressively ramp to a peak production rate of 40,000 bbl/d of bitumen with targeted facility capacity to be reached in early 2021.